Planning + Urban Design

Etna EcoDistrict Solar Grab-N-Go by evolveEA

We help communities develop both the hardware or physical systems of place, as well as the software of social and cultural resiliency.

Our approach distills community aspirations and values and through a creative process, catalyzes people to take action.

How Can evolveEA Advance Your Community?

We help communities build capacity

  • Capacity assessments
  • Community and stakeholder engagement
  • Organizational capacity building
  • Strategic planning
  • Goal setting and visioning
  • Custom education

We help communities envision their futures

  • Community identity visioning
  • Comprehensive, district, and regional plans
  • Catalytic project identification and design
  • Existing conditions analysis and critical issue assessment
  • Asset and network mapping
  • Future planning and scenario development
  • Infrastructure planning
  • Data analysis

We help communities manage their metrics

  • Framework feasibility analysis
  • Framework management
  • Custom scorecard and dashboard development

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