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Twenty years ago, Riverlife released a vision plan for a downtown riverfront park system composed of a continuous system of trails and open space, referred to as “the Loop”. Significant progress has been made over the past two decades, but there is still much to be done.

Standing at a critical pivot point with a new Executive Director, Riverlife engaged evolveEA to envision how to complete and enhance Pittsburgh’s riverfront Loop over the next ten years. The Completing the Loop report identifies specific projects and programs needed to complete and enhance the Loop and will guide Riverlife in carrying out their initial vision for the region’s riverfronts. The design process engaged over 5,000 people in a virtual engagement process, interviews, and focus groups.

Concurrent to this effort, evolveEA has brought together past documents, recently completed strategic planning, and new data and analysis to inform Riverlife’s Implementation Framework. This document sets tangible milestones and viable implementation strategies in the form of a roadmap for Riverlife. The document includes new bedrock statements (mission, vision, and values), a new organizational model, and a clear path forward to implement the recommendations set forth in the Completing the Loop report. All work that has been completed during this 18-month process has included an intentional and meaningful integration of social equity to ensure that Pittsburgh’s riverfronts belong to everyone.

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Completing the Loop Virtual Public Meeting

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