2024: evolveEA’s Twentieth Year!



Two decades ago, Christine and Marc founded evolveEA to better connect architecture to the environment with sustainable design solutions. Their work and the growth of the evolve team have been integral to the sustainability movement nationally with the scaling of design strategies from buildings to neighborhoods to cities, by contributing to sustainability frameworks, and with organizational strategies for the advancement of environmental and social justice.

In our third decade, we commit to inspiring and innovating with regenerative building strategies, assisting more communities and cities in designing resilient and equitable places, and supporting institutions and nonprofits through strategy and engagement projects. We’re renewing our strategic focus with three pillars that guide the way we work:

  • We are DESIGN FORWARD :: We lead with design in all project types and scales to find the most inspiring and resilient solutions.
  • We CENTER EQUITY :: We work collaboratively to find inclusive solutions that empower people to shape their environments.
  • We will become a ZERO HERO :: We research, analyze, and improve carbon and resource flows to accelerate the shift from a linear to a circular economy.


We have come far since 2004, and as the challenges intensify we will work with partners to accelerate our collective efforts for positive change. This is a moment to celebrate our success and recommit to our values as we look forward to the next twenty years of evolving with you!



Stay tuned for our “10×10” series that will share insights derived from our past work.

Read about our history as a values-driven practice in our Impact Story, recently published by the International Living Futures Institute.

Images in video represent these evolveEA projects:

1. East End Veterinary Medical Center;
2. U.S. Steel Tower;
3. Phipps Conservatory & Botanical Gardens Center for Sustainable Landscapes;
4. Pittsburgh Regional Transit Station Area Design;
5. Triboro Ecodistrict Air Quality Monitoring Stations;
6. Buffalo Rain Check 2.0 Green Infrastructure Plan;
7. Etna EcoDistrict Plan;
8. Bozeman Bridger View Redevelopment;
9. Living Waters of Larimer;
10. Allegheny Together Program;
11. Completing the Loop Sister Bridges Experience;
12. Transit Revitalization Investment District Game;
13. Braddock Farms, Grow Pittsburgh.

Evolve EA