triboro ecodistrict etna view

Triboro Ecodistrict

Ecodistrict planning helps a community set and achieve triple bottom line goals that center around equity, environment, and economy. Since 2012, four rounds of ecodistrict planning with Millvale, Sharpsburg, and Etna have created award winning action plans and led to the creation of the multi-municipal Triboro Ecodistrict.

Triboro Ecodistrict Map

Located just across the river from Pittsburgh, the Triboro Ecodistrict encompasses Millvale, Etna, and Sharpsburg

While the three municipalities share a comprehensive plan, have shared assets and challenges, and are addressing the same six quality of life areas, each has pursued a unique planning process that addresses their specific identities and needs.

The communities have implemented numerous projects and are attracting attention for their proactive efforts to make their communities more livable. Projects include an in-depth air quality study (all three suffer from poor air quality), a food hub, carbon inventory, community needs assessment, air quality dashboard and monitoring stations, and community education and leadership development.

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