evolveEA community engagement in Etna

Etna Ecodistrict Education & Planning

As the third Triboro community to engage in ecodistrict planning, the Borough of Etna is building on the successes and methods of Sharpsburg and Millvale. evolveEA led a year-long Education Series featuring community dinners, speakers, related activities, and education pertaining to the six key ecodistrict planning areas of Water, Mobility, Air, Energy, Food, And Equity. The Education Series resulted in a collection of informational booklets that summarize Etna’s key issues and opportunities, which are available online and to rent from the Etna Little Library.

The Education Series was followed by a year of community planning, where evolveEA engaged residents and experts to co-create an action plan of policies, programs, and catalytic projects that contribute to the achievement of Etna’s EcoDistrict goals. An activated community of empowered volunteers embraced the responsibility of determining Etna’s future and have used the planning process to build capacity to implement the EcoDistrict Plan. Using our planning methodology, Etna has met the requirements for EcoDistricts™ certification, and will be the first in the world to be recognized as a Certified EcoDistrict.

evolveEA worked with the Borough of Etna and the Etna Community Organization (ECO) to host community meetings, gather feedback, and develop recommendations contributing to an environmentally friendly, resilient, and equitable Etna.

Funding for the Etna EcoDistrict was provided through the Triboro Ecodistrict grant by the Henry L. Hillman Foundation.

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