Allentown Comprehensive Plan graphic by evolveEA

Allentown Vision 2030 Comprehensive and Economic Development Plan

Allentown’s Vision 2030 comprehensive and economic development plan envisions the next 10 years of growth and development in the third largest city in Pennsylvania. The city is prepared to navigate its shift from an industrial city to an emerging hub for office space, retail, key services, and entertainment with a majority Latino community.

Allentown Comprehensive Plan Report Cover by evolveEA

Cover page of the Allentown 2030 Vision Comprehensive Plan, designed by Fourth Economy Consulting.

evolveEA joined with Fourth Economy and Faces International to assist the City’s Bureau of Planning and Zoning in preparing a new Comprehensive and Economic Development Plan for Pennsylvania’s third largest city. The plan has built environment analyses, urban design recommendations, and policies and programs to improve quality of life, promote job creation, build community and resident wealth, and strengthen the tax base.

Allentown Vision 2030 addresses how the city systems are connected and how decisions made in one area, such as development of jobs, affect the city’s infrastructure and development, as well as its systems of education, economic development, and housing.

The team led four public meetings during the visioning process to provide opportunity for participation by all, build trust, and use the 2030 process as a catalyst for change. Each public meeting was conducted in both English and Spanish, and took place in a different part of the city to introduce the project while showcasing local neighborhood facts, foods, and facilities.

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