Bozeman MT Bridger View Redevelopment Site Plan by evolveEA

Bridger View Redevelopment Plan

Like many cities that are experiencing growth, Bozeman Montana would like to create an inclusive community that welcomes residents of all income levels. Bozeman’s unique assets, natural beauty, and scarcity of non-public land will continue to attract new residents and drive the market values. evolveEA was selected to lead the design for the Bridger View site redevelopment in order to create workforce housing that can become an example for future projects in the region. We envision the Bridger View Redevelopment as a diverse community where people of various income levels, stages of life, and backgrounds can afford to purchase a home.

This walkable neighborhood features 63 small homes over the 8-acre site. The homes are clustered around common areas, resulting in moderate densities appropriate in the transition zone between downtown Bozeman and nearby large-lot single-family subdivisions. The modest size houses at Bridger View will offer a home ownership option for working residents who find it increasingly difficult, if not impossible, to purchase a home in this area of town. The smaller homes minimize our environmental footprint, decrease perceived density, reduce construction costs, and fill the “missing middle” niche in the Bozeman housing market. We are hopeful that this project can serve as a model to many other small cities with similar issues.


Center Court Shared Street, Bozeman Bridger View

View of Center Court “shared street” design for Bridger View Redevelopment (courtesy Depiction LLC)


The development will utilize a non-profit, innovative housing model that will be achieved through a combination of efficient design, philanthropic investment, and collaboration with the City of Bozeman and other partners. All units will be similarly sized and built to quality standards, making the market and subsidized units indistinguishable. Affordable units will be augmented with profits captured from market rate home sales.

An assessment of the Bozeman housing market was performed to help define the project objectives for the Bridger View Redevelopment. This assessment exposed some opportunities to make a meaningful contribution by producing housing that is not adequately provided by the free market or existing traditional affordable housing programs. The goal is at least half of the homes priced in a manner that middle-income locals can purchase a home in this neighborhood. The establishment of a Community Land Trust is being evaluated to ensure that the investment and affordability are maintained permanently.


Bozeman Housing Market Analysis

Housing Market Analysis


Bridger View draws inspiration from Bozeman’s pre-1940’s neighborhoods and is envisioned as a contemporary version of the Northeast Neighborhood. The development’s approachable scale, walkable streetscape, simple construction, and shared public spaces will encourage neighbor interactions.

Our design strategies contribute to a neighborhood that is cost effective to develop, functional for everyday use, and meets the intent of the City codes. The homes are modest and less expensive to build and to maintain, with durable materials to lower long term maintenance costs. Shared common facilities are activity centers where neighbors meet neighbors, and shared streets minimize the impact of the car and put people first. Situated on the edge of a large public park and connected to local walking trails, the neighborhood will be knitted meaningfully into Bozeman’s urban fabric.

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