Garfield Green Zone

Garfield Green Zone

The Garfield Green Zone Project is intended to test the proposition that intentionally protected and improved green areas in Garfield offer a positive strategy for anchoring future revitalization of the hillside community. The purpose of this project is to work with the Garfield community to determine how a “Green Zone” might support other community aspirations. The three phases of work include:

  1. Assessment of existing conditions and information needed for a successful clean up of the area (Phase I);
  2. Identification of options for potential reuse of the area including views, paths and other visible improvements (Phase II); and, finally,
  3. Development of a vision and strategy package to help guide specific green infrastructure improvements.

Bloomfield Garfield Corporation (BGC) and the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy (WPC) worked with community members to complete the first phase of the Green Zone project in spring 2015. The second phase of the Green Zone project builds on previous work using the information gathered and momentum built during the first phase to help formalize the Green Zone, looking to create a comprehensive plan with clear directives on how to preserve and use the land.
A continually stated directive of the Bloomfield Garfield Corporation’s Board of Directors is to avoid BGC property development in properties north of Kincaid Street. Instead, as per goals listed in Garfield’s 2030 Plan (completed in 2010), the Green Zone work aims to “create a good quality pedestrian environment,” “increase public open space” and “create a framework that promotes preservation of ecological systems and overall sustainability” for the benefit of the neighbors and neighborhood of Garfield.

WPC convened meetings and discussions with many potential stakeholders and partners that may be involved with Green Zone implementation moving forward, and provided mapping analysis and ground analysis throughout the process. A lot of initial ground work and analysis occurred during Phase I, but Phase II led to additional analysis and survey. WPC and evolveEA were able to determine more opportunities for recommendations, as well as discover connections in Garfield that had not previously been made. With many partners working together, the Garfield Green Zone is on track to become a beautiful set of green assets for Garfield residents to enjoy.

Phase I Report

Phase II Report

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