Harrisburg Bus Stop Optimization for Derry Street

Harrisburg Bus Stop Optimization

The City of Harrisburg, PA is setting ambitious goals to distinguish itself as a walkable, bikeable, and transit-oriented city.  As it plans to invest in traffic calming, streetscape enhancement, and two-way street conversion, the City is fundamentally reevaluating the integration of bus stops along six key urban corridors.  Today’s bus stops are poorly marked and located very closely together.  By spacing the stops according to industry best practices, the City can improve the efficiency of public transit and focus bus stop improvement funds on upgraded amenities at the new stop locations.  The Bus Stop Optimization Project evaluates:

  • Bus stop spacing and placement to improve efficiency and integration within the urban context
  • Enhanced traffic signalization to provide transit signal priority (TSP) to improve the efficiency and attractiveness of public transit
  • Bus stop and shelter design guidelines that encourage making bus stops more visible at a minimum and recommend amenities that are appropriate at major nodes and transportation hubs

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