Snapshots of charts and goals from Pittsburgh Regional Transit's 2024 Climate Action Plan.

PRT Climate Action Plan

Cover page of Pittsburgh Regional Transit's first Climate Action Plan, powered by evolveEA

Cover page of Pittsburgh Regional Transit’s first Climate Action Plan, powered by evolveEA

Pittsburgh Regional Transit (PRT) recognizes that climate change is one of the most important challenges facing us today. Accordingly, PRT has set a goal to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2045 and evolveEA managed the agency’s first greenhouse gas emissions inventory and climate action plan (CAP) as their roadmap.

This climate action plan was developed through a 12-month collaborative process involving many PRT departments. The plan brings together existing PRT sustainability initiatives and past plans to achieve a common goal – carbon neutrality. The process was designed to produce a plan that is not only aspirational but also achievable, with the acknowledgment that PRT’s path may change as new technology develops and funding opportunities arise.

The plan establishes targets, goals, strategies, and actions to reduce carbon emissions from PRT’s revenue fleets, non-revenue fleets, and facilities and infrastructure. It also includes actions that do not directly reduce carbon emissions but support PRT’s ability to implement the CAP and actions that relate to sustainability more broadly.

PRT Climate Action Plan ideation. Photo by evolveEA.

The CAP has distilled six priority actions that will guide the next steps. As PRT’s first CAP, this document will be foundational to advance their goals and strategies, and it will be revisited regularly to reflect their progress and direct future investment. PRT knows the journey will not be easy, and it will require the work of everyone at PRT and many of its partners, but the agency looks forward to reducing its environmental impact and achieving its goals.

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