Gabe Skamla of evolveEA

Gabe Skamla

Gabe is passionate about our connection with the built environment and sustainable design’s role in developing a harmonious coexistence between humanity, the spaces we inhabit, and nature. As an Architectural Designer at evolveEA, Gabe assists the architecture team through all phases of project design by providing both technical and conceptual solutions, and he is currently pursuing his architecture license. He works on design projects such as plans for the new evolveEA office space and facade designs for new Allegheny County Sanitary Authority facilities. Prior to joining evolve, Gabe was involved in residential design-build projects as an apprentice carpenter in Upstate New York where he later joined an architecture practice. 

Gabe holds a B.A. in Architectural Studies with a concentration in design from the University of Pittsburgh and has recently completed a Certificate in Building Science & Net Zero Design from Yestermorrow Design/Build School in Vermont. Following the completion of his undergraduate degree, he served as an AmeriCorps State and National member with Habitat for Humanity Vail Valley in Colorado and continues to volunteer with local Habitat affiliates. To appease his fondness of being surrounded by nature and hobby, Gabe values honing his sense of craftsmanship, most recently through canoe building. 

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