evolveEA Pittsburgh Office LEED Platinum Certified

evolveEA Office

evolve team membersA sustainable home base for evolveEA’s growing team is an expression of our core values as a JUST and BCorp Certified company, and a reflection of our workplace culture. This particular certification also represents our broad technical knowledge of the LEED framework and our leadership as early adopters of various green building and organizational sustainability practices.

Our office is the only LEED v4.1 O+M: Interiors project in Pennsylvania and only the third such project nationally to achieve LEED Platinum Certification. The more recent addition of an Interiors category to the Operations + Maintenance rating system enabled us as tenants to attain certification based on performance data. Our team has worked to minimize waste, water use, and energy use since we moved into the space in 2017, but by using the Arc platform we can track and manage our performance data in real-time and better understand the impact of our ongoing improvements.

evolve's Arc Skoru dashboard for LEED Platinum officeWhile other LEED rating systems are based on design projections, O+M certification is data-driven and is based on building performance. The certification recognizes the policies and practices that our office put in place to maintain occupant comfort and build a shared culture of sustainable workplace behavior.

Dense location allows us to maximize our points in the location and transportation category. We have a perfect score in waste and a near perfect score in water. We performed an IAQ test and measured CO2 and TVOCs to make sure our space is healthy. Energy is a big category where we performed well; that can be attributed to our LED lamps, Energy Star certified computers, and everyone participating in a sustainable workplace culture.

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