The Pittsburgh Green Workplace Challenge: A Competition—or “coopertition”—with No Losers

“Competition” is simply defined as a contest between individuals or groups for resources and/or prestige. It is the opposite of “cooperation”, and has been shown to be a powerful motivator. No matter what the goal, people and businesses alike are intrinsically motivated by what their peers are doing. Everyone wants to win, and nobody wants to fall behind.

It follows that Sustainable Pittsburgh, whose goal is to promote sustainable development and systemic change for the region, has enlisted this valuable motivator to spur sustainable innovation among it network of member companies through its Green Workplace Challenge program. The thing is, it seems nobody told Sustainable Pittsburgh or its participants that “competition” and “cooperation” are antonyms.

With monthly meetings for members to share best practices, and bi-annual meetings to report leaderboard results, the program has successfully harnessed the best aspects of both terms. As a result, this sustainability “coopertition” has helped participating businesses implement changes that are slated to save over 19 million kWh of energy annually.
evolveEA is proud to report that we are participating in the competition, and through our commitment to carbon neutrality, our tracking of our energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, and our purchase of green energy, we are leading the Small Business Category with 116 points. See the Leaderboard here.

Regardless of point totals, one thing is clear… this is one instance where everyone wins. Perhaps a new word is needed.

Evolve EA