Paradigm Shift: Key Leadership Positions in Pittsburgh

January 20, 2011

Now Hiring: Key Leadership Positions in Pittsburgh
Tracy Certo, Pop City
Paradigm shift
“Although the extent of leadership change may be disturbing, there is a great opportunity for new and more effective alignments to emerge from the changes,” says Christine Mondor, board chair of the Community Design Center of Pittsburgh which has just launched a search for a CEO/executive director.
“To have so many great minds thinking about the strategic future of their organization is a powerful thing for the region, ” she notes. “And we’re more open to new ideas and new people than ever before. That’s what will bring in top talent. We will look back in five years and recognize a shift in paradigm.”
Mondor has already heard from quite a few people outside the region interested in the position. “They know enough about the city to be really interested in coming back.”

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