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National AIA Equity Diversity and Inclusion Resolutions

August 24, 2021

Three resolutions were passed at the American Institute of Architects national conference in June. We are proud that two of these were the product of our AIA Pennsylvania Equity Diversity and Inclusion Committee. Our own Marc Mondor, founding chair of the Committee, points out how unusual it is that a new committee has such a marked impact. The resolutions, each passing with about 75% of over 5,000 national votes, means that their implementation will take place on a national level in the 2022 fiscal year. While we are proud of the success to date, we are working hard to help guide their implementation.

Resolution 21-1 (number one in 2021) seeks to better understand and promote real estate investment in underserved communities by calling on the AIA to lead research on a national level and to promote successful case studies from which we can learn and apply. The hope is to make the case for longer returns and for triple bottom line investments, which will provide greater opportunities to minority architects.

Resolution 21-3 calls for promotion of the U-Dream program as a model for other cities nationally. The UDream program was established in Pittsburgh a decade ago and has had a marked impact in the Pittsburgh region. Ashley Cox came to evolveEA five years ago as a U-Dream intern and now heads the firm’s Los Angeles presence. Her experience has been helpful in the crafting of this resolution on the AIA PA EDI committee.

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