AIA National Charts Bold New Carbon Reduction Direction

AIA LogoThe seas of change are upon us. Within the past year, the American Institute of Architects (AIA) has nationally debuted three novel proclamations that promise to alter the landscape for building and design for years to come:

  1. With 93% of delegates in approval, AIA has nationally issued a Resolution for Urgent and Sustained Climate Action at its conference earlier this month.  This recognizes the vital role architects play in designing a carbon-positive society and calls on practitioners to develop all projects with an integrated process and with the environment in mind.
  2. In September of 2018, AIA revised the industry standard Code of Ethics.  For the first time articles incorporating sustainability into everyday practice are included.
  3. The AIA Committee on the the Environment (COTE) developed a Top Ten Toolkit to make information on green, equitable, and accessible buildings more readily available to all architects. Addressing the need for concise and pertinent sustainable design practices, the toolkit is intended to be a continuously evolving resource for everyone in the industry.
AIA Top 10 Reasons Buildings Matter

A list of the top reasons building matter as found in COTE’s Top Ten Toolkit


Together, the Resolution, Code of Ethics, and Top Ten Toolkit point to a new direction for all architects, practitioners, and designers. This is big news for the building world since sustainability is not commonly incorporated into current designs. The urgency is notable and the fact that the AIA on behalf of its 94,000 members has set these environmental standards for all projects moving forward is a monumental achievement and promises to have a huge impact on both the built and natural environments.

The winds of change are blowing our way.  Our entire industry can also harness these winds, adjust the sails accordingly and steer us all toward a common and prosperous future.

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