evolveEA Team

Measuring Our Impact: evolve’s 2017 Report

evolveEA is dedicated to Triple Bottom Line success: we measure the impact of our business not only in terms of the economy, but also the environment and social equity. Mission-driven organizations are challenged to find ways to assess our impact that go beyond conventional business metrics and financial reporting standards. The B Corp certification process and JUST labeling framework are two programs that we participate in to help us keep track of our goals and benchmark our performance alongside other triple bottom line companies.

The past year called for us to re-certify under both programs, which is required on a biannual basis. This led us to perform a comprehensive assessment of our office operations and the impact of our projects, including an updated Greenhouse Gas Evaluation to maintain our Carbon Neutral status. 2017 was a year of renewal, and a year of deepening and broadening our engagement with communities. We are proud to share our 2017 Impact Report, highlighting some of our important moments from last year, measuring our environmental performance, and evaluating the social impacts of our work.

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