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Shelters for Migrating Species: Hazelwood Bus Stops

Project Background

Shelters for Migrating Species are points in a network that help to connect people to place, to people across time, and people to other species. Shelters for Migrating Species is about providing temporary places of comfort for people, plants, and animals on the move.

Through a competitive process, Hazelwood Green selected our proposal to co-design a series of bus shelters inside the sustainability-focused riverfront development site as well as the adjacent Hazelwood neighborhood. evolveEA formed a collaborative team with two fine artists whose public art projects have been celebrated around the country and beyond. Carin Mincemoyer, a multimedia sculptor, landscape, and installation artist, and Alisha B. Wormsley, interdisciplinary artist and cultural producer, are bringing their creative energies to the effort for engaging and unique transit stops. The customized designs will connect and engage transit riders, local residents, and visitors with the natural and human aspects of the site through a focus on Migrating Species—a concept developed by our team.

As a collaborative of artists and designers working with the community on this project, we strive to honor the people who have stewarded the land and cared for the water, air, and plant and animal species in this area since long before Europeans arrived and colonized it. We are grateful to the peoples of the Iroquois confederacy and Lenape tribes, and people of Monongahela Culture who lived on the land before them going back over a thousand years. We strive uplift stories of migration across cultures and life forms in ways that can reconnect humanity to nature and to ourselves—to reestablish ancient ways of thinking, while shaping a more equitable future and a more enriching and enjoyable transit experience.


Contact us

On this page we will document our creative process and share updates about our progress. We are interested in your Migration Stories about Hazelwood!
Please share your stories, pictures, or thoughts related to our project, or you can reach out with your questions for the team. Email Daniel to get in touch: daniel [at] evolveEA [dot] com.

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