Site Visit to Hazelwood Green, June 2021

Team Site Visit

Site Visit to Hazelwood Green, June 2021

The team kicked-off our creative process with a walking tour of the bus stop locations in Hazelwood Green and on Second Avenue. We are considering potential amenities, shelter types and forms, materials, and taking inspiration from the places around the bus stop sites.

We were struck by the intensity of the sun and wind during the summer season, the beauty and diversity of meadow plantings, and the exposed feeling of walking the area. We also enjoyed the views of the green hilltops around us and glimpses of the Monongahela River, and noted the different kinds of traffic moving through Hazelwood Green during the day.

While documenting our process we plan to visit the project site multiple times, and we will be talking with people in the community about their migration patterns and experiences, how they use the bus system and its amenities, as well as other topics related to this effort. We look forward to collecting these stories.

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