Elijah Hughes, evolveEA

Elijah Hughes, EcoDistricts AP

Elijah searches for patterns that tell the story of our past and leverages quantitative data to chart a course for our future. In environments both urban and rural, he identifies key resource flows that come together to create unique places for human occupancy.

Elijah’s focus at evolveEA has been mapping and modeling for urban design and green infrastructure projects, such as a city-wide evaluation of neighborhood storm water runoff for the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority and the impact of improved busway access for the Pittsburgh Community Reinvestment Group. Elijah’s passion for research is matched with his design skills making a strong addition to any project type. Elijah received a Bachelor’s of Architecture from Carnegie Mellon University and was previously a researcher at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History where he published two papers on Mammalian Evolution.

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