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Buffalo Rain Check 2.0 Opportunity Report Recognized with AIA Tri-State Award

November 12, 2019

evolveEA received an Honor Award for Architectural Excellence for Buffalo Rain Check 2.0 from the 2019 American Institute of Architects (AIA) Tri-State Conference. AIA’s Tri-state cohort includes the state chapters of New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

Buffalo Rain Check 2.0 is a plan to promote, design, and construct Green Infrastructure in the Buffalo Sewer Authority’s (BSA) six priority sewersheds, which were defined in the previous phase of the Rain Check program. With the policies and implementation strategies outlined in the Opportunity Report, BSA has set the goal to manage 569 impervious acres of the city with green infrastructure by 2034. Rain Check 2.0 includes a tool kit of green infrastructure technologies that can be deployed in Buffalo and identifies various strategies for structuring green infrastructure to maximize stormwater, environmental, equity and economic benefits.

Our team collaborated with project stakeholders and consultants on the Opportunity Report, and designed a suite of engagement materials to facilitate BSA’s ongoing outreach and engagement with public and private stakeholders. We are pleased to be part of an emerging trend in the field of architecture that celebrates the design of infrastructure and urban systems.

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