Winthrop Management, evolveEA Give Tour of U.S. Steel Tower, Describe Impressive Ongoing Sustainability Efforts

Members of Winthrop Management and evolveEA led the June 5 Green Building Alliance tours of the U.S. Steel Tower in Downtown Pittsburgh. Over 80 people attended the sold-out event, which featured rare videos created by U.S. Steel upon the opening of the building in 1971. The contrast of the best that money could buy in that era against the performance criteria of today have given Winthrop Management much to work with in improving the building’s performance.

U.S. Steel Tower has committed to the 2030 Challenge as a member of the Pittsburgh 2030 District. With the help of evolveEA, U.S. Steel Tower has become Energy Star compliant and demonstrates impressive and continually improving performance, using less energy than a decade ago while boasting nearly full occupancy. evolveEA spoke of its work in managing the ongoing LEED for Commercial Interiors certifications of over 20 floors in the building, nearly 40% of the building’s leasable square footage, and of the synergies in greening both tenant and landlord space. Winthrop Management described their ongoing efficiency efforts, including rebates and retrofits.

With over 3 million gross square feet and 64 stories, the tour of the 63rd floor mechanical floor gave an appreciation of the building’s scale. The roof of this regional icon offers an exhilarating, world-class 360 degree view. At 843 feet above the plaza below, the nearly one-acre flat roof offers the largest continuous space at such a height anywhere in the world, with a 50 mile view well above the neighboring skyscrapers.

Case Study: US Steel Tower

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