evolveEA interns for 2023 - Autumn Dsouza, Koushik Srinath, Dongtao Bi

Welcome to our 2023 Interns!

We are kicking off our summer internship program at evolve and are excited to introduce you to some of our new talented designers.

Autumn Dsouza

summer interns at evolveEA 2023, Autumn Dsouza

Home Country: India

Studying: Master of Architecture at Carnegie Mellon University

This summer, I had the opportunity to participate in the Venice Biennale as a research assistant with CMU’s first-semester M-Arch studio where we got to showcase our studio projects in partnership with the Architectural Lobby. The studio focused on ‘Architecture for a Just Transition’ and explored emergent modes of transformative socio-ecological praxis.

I am inspired by evolveEA’s commitment to collaborating with communities and designing resilient solutions for the challenges encountered in the built environment. Above all, I am excited to work with the dynamic team, synergizing our talents and collectively advancing the firm’s mission.

Koushik Srinath

summer interns at evolveEA 2023, Koushik Srinath

Home Country: India

Studying: Master of Urban Design at Carnegie Mellon University

Prior to CMU, I was a practicing architect in Bangalore, India and worked on a wide range of architectural projects. A project that I currently refer to a lot is the La Borda housing project in Barcelona. I am extremely interested in how alternative forms of ownership, stewardship and bottom-up practices shape housing and architecture.

I am excited to work with evolveEA through the summer and learn about the emphasis on systems thinking and attention to sustainable modes of building and management. Apart from architecture, during my downtime, I enjoy reading non-fiction and documenting through film.

Dongtao Bi

summer interns at evolveEA 2023, Dongtao Bi

Home Country: China

Studying: Master of Advanced Architectural Design at Carnegie Mellon University

Prior to relocating to Pittsburgh, I worked as a mid-level architectural designer in Seattle, where I focused my expertise in computational design. My passion lies in advancing integration of digital experiences within the built environment through design and engineering.

I anticipate my participation in the summer program at evolveEA to help me delve into the realm of computational approaches in design practices to gain deeper understanding of their possibilities and constraints. I also look forward to exploring more about Pittsburgh’s rich architectural landscape during the summertime when working with our team.

  1. Autumn Dsouza – The project aims to address urban slag in the Rust Belt by using railway lines as a connective tissue, engaging the community in waste collection, composting, and fertilizer production, and evolving into education around food growing and healthy food practices.
  2. Koushik Srinath – Adaptive reuse of Herron Hill Pumping station and its surrounding precinct in North Oakland to create a vibrant community hub and network.
  3. Dongtao Bi – ‘The Taste of China’ is a visualization series seeking to leverage a combination of data visualization algorithms and graphic representation techniques to deliver generic characteristics of cuisines in China.

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