Women's Center & Shelter of Pittsburgh Strategic Plan by evolveEA

Women’s Center & Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh

Women’s Center and Shelter (WCS) is the premier domestic violence service provider in Western Pennsylvania, serving over one third of the total women served in the region. WCS builds awareness of domestic violence, advocates for system support and change, and focuses on providing assistance to victims of domestic violence. With the organization approaching a number of changes affecting its physical space, its Board of Directors and staff, WCS engaged evolveEA to analyze its performance as an organization with respect to its mission.

This video explains how WCS helps women victimized by domestic violence

Through our Network Assessment process, we have helped WCS bring clarity to the robust array of services that it provides, setting the table for more public conversations on the value of the organization and future paths of support. We conceived a visualization that describes the functions and services of WCS within the context of regional domestic violence prevention and services. The funnel graphic is a tool to help the organization test scenarios, foresee changes in its network, and plan for a sustainable future. By depicting the current landscape for WCS, we have provided baseline metrics for them to gauge their success, and a format in which to calculate and visualize responses to external change and changes to its suite of services, funding sources, and organizational composition.

The Network Assessment process has helped the board and staff to renew their commitment to supporting victims of domestic violence through assistance programs, and laid the foundation for well-informed strategic planning.

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