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Renowned Artists Working with evolveEA to Design Hazelwood Green Bus Stops

May 21, 2021

We are excited to share that, through a competitive process, Hazelwood Green selected our proposal to co-design a series of bus shelters inside the sustainability-focused riverfront development site as well as the adjacent Hazelwood neighborhood. evolveEA formed a collaborative team with two fine artists whose public art projects have been celebrated around the country and beyond. Carin Mincemoyer, a multimedia sculptor, landscape, and installation artist, and Alisha B. Wormsley, interdisciplinary artist and cultural producer, are bringing their creative energies to the effort for engaging and unique transit stops.

Hazelwood Green is envisioned as a place where people thrive, new ideas are forged, and the land is regenerated from the effects of its industrial past. In transforming this riverfront urban brownfield into a center for innovation, Hazelwood Green is establishing a new model for economic development in Pittsburgh, one that is aligned with community and grounded in the principles of sustainability, equity, and inclusive economic opportunity. The customized designs will connect and engage transit riders, local residents, and visitors with the natural and human aspects of the site through a focus on Migrating Species—a concept developed by our team.

Our architecture, landscape architecture, and urban design work has involved artists and cultural workers in a number of spaces. This will be our first collaboration with Carin Mincemoyer, who enjoys highlighting connections and celebrating the unnoticed in her public art, which has featured both natural landscapes and fabricated materials. And we look forward to teaming up with Alisha B. Wormsley for our second time, who is focusing her contribution to the project on collecting perspectives, historical and present. Her work is about collective memory and the synchronicity of time, specifically through the stories of women of color. Our team will be engaging the Hazelwood community and working with local stakeholders on all the aspects of creating the multiple bus shelters.

We look forward to sharing more about the design as our process advances later this year. Be sure to check out the online portfolios of these two amazing artists, and for updates you can follow these instagram accounts: @alishabwormsley @carin.mincemoyer @e.v.o.l.v.e.EA @hazelwoodgreen.

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