Pittsburgh's Quilted Communities Highlighted at Ecodistricts Summit

Recently in Boston, evolveEA and our community partners from Millvale and Larimer joined hundreds of sustainability thought leaders at the 2013 Ecodistricts Summit, the premier conference dedicated to promoting sustainable neighborhood development.
The Pittsburgh team led a workshop called Ecodistricts in Quilted Communities, which focused on the complex challenges and opportunities for rust-belt communities like Larimer and Millvale as they plan and implement neighborhood-scale improvements in energy, water and food systems. Innovative urban scale systems depend on the community’s strength in decision-making, knowledge development, legal structure and financial resources. In underserved communities, building the collective capacity for implementation is as much a design problem as the plan itself.

To learn more, download our workshop pamphlet:

You can join the Ecodistricts conversation on Twitter: #EDSummit13

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