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Progress at PIT Airport Taking Off

It has been about three years since the PIT Terminal Modernization Program broke ground on a new airport terminal plus ground transportation hub. On a recent visit, we were pleased to capture the images below showing the construction progress on the terminal.

PIT terminal construction view from parking garage

This view from the parking garage, looking to the East, shows the current Terminal construction progress. A portion of the exterior glazing installation can be seen, with enclosure completion expected during Spring, 2024. Building enclosure commissioning has carefully tracked the envelope construction to ensure quality assurance and quality control measures are followed. Materials contributing towards the LEED building product disclosure and optimization credits for environmental product declarations, sourcing of raw materials, and material ingredient reporting continue to be tracked.

PIT terminal canopy construction

The tree column structure supports an undulating roof canopy that overhangs the top level of the roadway bridge’s departure level, where travelers will be conveniently dropped off. The installation of the ceiling on the underside of the roof will begin soon and last throughout the year. The nature of the open interior space has allowed the project to achieve the LEED daylighting credit thresholds, with plenty of natural lighting. Construction waste diversion rates, erosion and sedimentation control measures, and construction air quality continue to be carefully monitored and documented.

PIT terminal facade construction

Metal clips show a behind-the-scenes view of how the exterior facade will attach to the building structure. This rainscreen system will allow water to run down behind the panel cladding, and the weatherproofing barrier will prevent moisture from entering the buildings.

PIT terminal roof construction

The roofing material must be carefully installed and sealed to prevent any water leakage and enhance its durability. Roof drain leaders transport rainwater from a portion of the roof and terraces to an underground storage tank. Gaps within the roofing allow for additional daylighting to penetrate the deeper interior spaces.


Photos by Marc Mondor, evolveEA. All rights reserved.

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