Point Park University, Pittsburgh PA

Point Park University

Located in downtown Pittsburgh, Point Park University has grown significantly in the last decade—in programs, enrollment, influence and real estate. evolveEA has consulted with Point Park on several projects and has set the groundwork for the creation of a sustainability master plan.

Sustainability and green building were identified as goals in a previous master plan. evolveEA was approached to give this intention form. Through engagement with faculty and student groups, evolveEA identified sustainability opportunities and obstacles related to green building construction and operations. Our work and collaboration with the University formed the basis for a sustainability master plan.

Our consulting in greening campus projects has consisted of managing the LEED certification process for projects targeted for LEED certification since 2005. evolveEA has led the effort to consider project sustainability goals, determine the feasibility of these goals as a return on investment, inculcate these goals into the project documents, educate all team members about the achievement of these goals, documenting these goals for the purpose of LEED certification and creating educational literature and brochures for the purpose of educating all members of the University community. These projects include:

George Rowland White Performance Center

This 45,000 sf, $10M dance studio building houses Point Park’s nationally known dance program and is part of the Conservatory of Performing Arts. The Conservatory’s vision is to be recognized as one of the top-tier conservatory training institutions for dance, theater, and media arts in the country; the green design of the complex plays a significant role in achieving this vision. This project helped significantly bolster Point Park University’s downtown Pittsburgh presence while galvanizing their green building message to the community, students, staff and faculty. The building served to educate the University about deconstruction, indoor air quality, energy modeling, commissioning, waste diversion and educational graphics, which have since become replicated across other University projects. Although the original goal for this state-of-the-art dance complex was LEED Basic Certification, evolve was able to effectively align project forces and achieve LEED Gold CertificationLearn more 

Public Enhancements and Office Building

Point Park University Public Enhancements and Office Building: This multi-phase 32,000 sf $7M project consists of a historic office building gut rehabilitation and the creation of a 15,000 sf public plaza park, fountain, retail and restaurant complex that serves as the University’s central plaza and a significant public downtown Pittsburgh oasis. evolveEA was engaged as sustainability consultants for this project early on.

Admissions Center

evolveEA performed sustainability consulting for Point Park University’s 101 Wood Street building in downtown Pittsburgh. The building acts as the University’s front door, welcoming new students and faculty. We provided a suite of consulting services to help minimize environmental impact, set and manage sustainability goals, design and build to LEED Silver standards, and identify opportunities for user engagement. The project includes a panoramic view of the Point Park University campus, including the plaza across the street.

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