Pennsylvania's Climate Action Plan Update

Pennsylvania Climate Change Action PlanThe Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and the Climate Change Advisory Committee (CCAC) have recently completed an update of the state’s Climate Change Action Plan. Under the Climate Change Act of 2008, state action plans require updates every three years.
Marc Mondor, who serves on the CCAC as an alternate member, explained the purpose of the update:

This Climate Change Action Plan is the Commonwealth’s objective summary of current and future carbon emissions and sequestration.  The Plan tells us where we are and how we can reduce emissions with the most cost-effective impact.  The Climate Change Advisory Committee is a broad-based group of experts that advise the PA Department of Environmental Protection, who updates and implements the Plan.

To review the updated Action Plan, visit the Pennsylvania DEP’s Climate Change web page:
Key components include strategies to reduce carbon emissions that can also benefit the economy of Pennsylvania and increase household income through energy cost savings. Improving energy efficiency in the building sector is also a prominent part of the Action Plan. Energy consumption reductions of 80 percent in new buildings are recommended by the year 2030, when a 50 percent reduction for existing buildings is also targeted.

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