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New Team Members at evolveEA

June 2, 2022

Our Pittsburgh office has several new additions this spring, with Design Project Manager Sarine Sahakian joining the team last month as well as two summer interns who received degrees this year from the Carnegie Mellon University School of Architecture — Schuyler MaAuliffe and Shanice Lam.


Sarine Sahakian


Sarine Sahakian blends design, analysis, communication, and project management skills to successfully integrate into any project team and take the lead when needed. Her ability to jump scales from the micro level detail to the macro level systems of the city, makes her a strong team player across multiple projects. Sarine has studied and practiced architecture in Beirut, Lebanon, and in the United Arab Emirates, in Denver Colorado, and Pittsburgh. Her focus at evolve encompasses urban design and planning with projects such as mass transit system and station plans and community and district master planning. We’re excited about Sarine’s contributions to our placemaking projects and the multicultural perspective she brings to the office!

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Schuyler McAuliffeSchyler McAuliffe is joining us for a second summer after completing a dual Masters of Architecture and Urban Design degree and thesis project envisioning a low energy urban future. The Shape of Power presents strategies for a 2,000 Watt Society in which the average person can thrive while consuming only 2,000 Watts of energy on a daily basis. At evolveEA, Schuyler is currently working on local business district design and planning initiatives around Pennsylvania. This summer his work will build on all facets of his experience, including projects he was involved in last year. For more, check out Schuyler’s interview in our blog from last fall: Schuyler’s Summer with evolveEA.


Shanice Lam - evolveEA

Shanice Lam joins us this summer to practice sustainable design at all scales and is soon starting on a Master of Urban Design degree from Harvard University. A recent graduate of Carnegie Mellon’s Bachelor of Architecture program, Shanice came to Pittsburgh from Hong Kong with thorough knowledge of green building methods and an interest in working with communities and educational institutions. Last year Shanice received the Payette Prize at the CMU School of Architecture for exceptional performance in integration of building science in design. At evolveEA she will contribute to ecodistrict planning and community design projects, and our Pittsburgh team hopes to benefit from her talents as an amateur pastry chef.



Shanice Lam - Center of Life UNEARTHED

UNEARTHED is an award-winning, net zero, affordable and structurally simple prototype for portable urban farming campuses, a “proof of concept” design in Hazelwood Green, Pittsburgh. The concept was developed and designed by Shanice Lam and Emily Edlich at Carnegie Mellon University.


Schuyler McAuliffe - shape of power negley station detail

The Shape of Power by Schuyler McAuliffe visualizes how cities and neighborhoods can be designed to consume minimal energy. The project proposes an energy efficient Community Power Trust with shared amenities at Pittsburgh’s Negley Station.

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