Murdoch Building LEED Gold for Core and Shell, graphic by evolveEA

Murdoch Building

Situated in a landscape of higher education institutions where universities have typically been leading the green building charge, the Murdoch Building demonstrates a fresh commitment to sustainable practices.

A $22 million 8-story building containing offices for the University of Pittsburgh and ground floor retail, the Murdoch Building at Forbes and Coltart is the first commercial office space to be newly built in Oakland in nearly a decade. Certified as LEED Gold for Core and Shell, the Murdoch Building provides a high-quality workplace through an energy-efficient building envelope, efficient and controllable HVAC and lighting systems, and indoor air quality management.

As sustainability consultants evolve helped navigate the project team to achieve its LEED Gold certification. Notable sustainability features include the use of materials with high recycled content and low VOCs, and simulation of 17% energy cost savings and 40% water usage savings. evolve also designed tenant sustainability guidelines and education materials that describe and encourage tenants to take advantage of the building’s many green features.

The project also received LEED credits for its amount of daylight exposure and quality views of Schenley Park on one side and the movement associated with Forbes Avenue on the other. On the top 8th floor, occupants of the Murdoch Building are able to enjoy the outdoors on a rooftop terrace. Healthy places such as these increase occupant comfort and productivity.

Situated in a bustling corridor, the Murdoch Building is connected to myriad existing public amenities. As part of one of the densest corridors in the Pittsburgh region and third-largest business district in Pennsylvania, this project qualified for density bonuses granted by the City of Pittsburgh due to its LEED certification.

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