evolveEA 2024 interns Sagarika, Valeria, and Madhav

Meet evolveEA’s 2024 Interns

This summer, at our new office location in The Detective Building, summer internships are in full swing and we are excited to introduce you to three talented designers who are contributing to evolveEA’s design and planning work this year.

Valeria Duque-Villegas

Valeria Duque-Villegas, evolveEA design intern

Home Country: Colombia

Studying: Master of Urban Design at Carnegie Mellon University

Before my return to academia, I worked on large-scale projects in public space and facilities for the city of Cali, Colombia where I participated as a design architect and eventually moved towards becoming an architectural supervisor in the construction of project Parque Pacifico. I have always been fascinated by the city’s design and how its inhabitants’ cultures and dynamics shape it. 

I look forward to a summer of interdisciplinary learning with this team at evolveEA; building connections and partnering with people from different fields inside and outside the firm. I am particularly interested in infrastructure projects related to water that engage with the public realm. Away from my professional work, I also enjoy playing ultimate frisbee and relaxed biking (if such a thing exists in Pittsburgh’s hills).

Sagarika Kulkarni

Sagarika Kulkarni, evolveEA design intern

Home Country: India

Studying: Master of Urban Design at Carnegie Mellon University

After graduating with a Bachelor of Architecture from India, I joined the Ecological Society’s program to understand the impacts of large development projects on people and the environment. As an Architect I believed I could educate myself to do something about this and hence decided to pursue a degree in Urban Design.

At evolveEA, I am interested to learn how urban projects of varied sizes are managed and to learn about environmentally sensitive and participatory design. Outside of work I love dancing and hiking and look forward to exploring these interests with evolvers who share the same interests.

Madhav Joshi

Madhav Joshi, evolveEA design intern

Home Country: India

Studying: Master of Architecture at Carnegie Mellon University

My two years of experience as a junior urban and landscape designer revealed a key challenge in the Indian context: design services are often seen as a luxury, not a necessity. Projects are either driven by a pursuit of iconic status or by mere functionality. However, the more significant challenge lies in adapting conventional development models. These practices need a transformation to become more sustainable and responsive to climatic concerns.

At evolveEA, I’m drawn to the commitment to tackling these global issues within the architectural industry. The firm’s diverse project scales and ideological approach create a perfect environment for me to learn how design processes and values can be combined to create a better future.

  1. Valeria Duque-VillegasParque Pacifico: The built representation of the Festival Petronio Alvarez in Cali, Colombia. The project aims to provide public space with cultural character, the project consists of a series of open spaces with different uses on Cali’s riverside, as well as a pavilion of traditional food and beverages from the Pacific Culture. I was part of the team of Alcuadrado Arquitectos with whom I collaborated in the years 2021-2023. This project is currently under construction.
  2. Sagarika KulkarniReclaiming Route 65: Route 65 separated the once vibrant neighborhoods of Manchester and Chateau in Pittsburgh. This academic studio-based project looked at bringing the two neighborhoods closer and reviving the riverfront. It also introduces a Health + Care centric approach which focuses on lifetime care for the residents from birth to death, whilst providing them with the agency to organize activities for their own community.
  3. Madhav JoshiEdible to Productive Landscapes: This strategy is designed to cultivate a multifaceted user experience while concurrently prioritizing ecological conservation and advancement. The potential homogenizing effect of the implemented trails and decks is effectively mitigated by the continual metamorphosis of the surrounding landscapes, ensuring a sense of discovery at every juncture.

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