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Marc Mondor Named Vice Chair of PA Climate Change Advisory Committee

September 2, 2020

Join us in congratulating Principal Marc Mondor for his recent election as Vice Chairperson of the Pennsylvania Climate Change Advisory Committee (CCAC). Comprised of industry experts, the CCAC informs the PA Department of Environmental Protection in how best to take statewide action on climate.

This committee advises the updates to Pennsylvania’s Climate Action Plan, which is required by law to be updated every three years. This Committee is broad based, with a variety of expertise and practitioner perspectives. We are currently at work on the 2021 Pennsylvania Climate Action Plan.
-Marc Mondor, AIA. Vice Chair, PA Climate Change Advisory Committee

First appointed as a member of the Pennsylvania CCAC in 2018, Marc has continued to demonstrate leadership and common sense in environmental policies and climate advocacy. His recent appointment to Vice Chair was administered by Senator Jay Costa (D – PA) in August 2020.

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