evolveEA Designated as LEED Proven Provider Under New USGBC Program

October 3, 2014

LEED-Proven-Provider_rgb_webThe new LEED Proven Provider designation was launched by the Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI), the USGBC’s certification arm, to streamline the LEED project review process for experienced organizations that demonstrate consistent excellence in administering LEED projects. evolveEA is proud to announce our designation as one of the first LEED Proven Providers (ID+C) after having participated in the program’s beta testing last year.

“LEED Proven Provider makes the LEED review process faster and more seamless,” said Doug Gatlin, vice president of program delivery, U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) and GBCI. “It allows GBCI to deliver faster reviews of LEED projects while still maintaining the integrity of the LEED certification process.”
LEED Proven Provider is designed to minimize the need for additional work during the project review process. It also creates an opportunity for participants and LEED reviewers to work together to enhance the LEED certification experience and facilitates direct engagement with and support for project teams.
“One of the many things we’ve heard from customers is that the LEED review process can be complex,” added Gatlin. “LEED Proven Provider rewards organizations that are submitting great LEED applications while speeding up the review process, which is a benefit that participants can pass along to their clients.”
— US Green Building Council

evolveEA recently celebrated our tenth anniversary as a consulting and design firm dedicated to advancing sustainable systems and solutions. Having managed some of the earliest LEED certified projects in our region and abroad, such as the first ever LEED certified supermarket and the first LEED certified building on the African continent, the firm has been a notable force in stewarding and promoting what is now the most prominent green building rating system. More recently, evolveEA managed the LEED certification for the Phipps Center for Sustainable Landscapes, which received the highest ever LEED score of any new building. We are excited to be able to leverage our Proven Provider status to benefit our clients and to continue to advance the proliferation of healthier and greener built environments.

Evolve EA