evolveEA Completes B Corp Recertification

February 19, 2018

evolve environment :: architecture  |  Certified B CorporationWe are pleased to report that our second successful recertification under the B Corp Impact Assessment framework was completed last month. B Corp certified companies represent a growing cohort of businesses dedicated to positive, Triple Bottom Line impact. There are now over 2,000 certified B Corps globally, and evolveEA has been one of the first handful of Pittsburgh-based companies to achieve certification since 2013.

The framework requires us to assess our impact and recertify every two years, measuring aspects of our workplace culture and the impact of our projects in four main areas: Environment, Community, Workers, and Governance. Our environmental and social mission drives us to participate in the program, while the Impact Assessment has helped us identify areas where we can enhance the positive impact of our work and cultivate a culture of sustainability in the workplace. A summary of our latest Impact Assessment can be found on our B Corp profile page.

To learn more about how your company can use the Impact Assessment, visit bcorporation.net.

Evolve EA