Entry Point Assessment

Are you a commercial property owner, facility manager or developer? Are you interested in saving money and improving your building or portfolio’s valuation? Do you, your tenants, and employees appreciate efficient operations and greener buildings?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions… we can help. Take our Existing Building Entry Point Assessment and obtain a free Green Operations and LEED for Operations and Maintenance Feasibility Report.
At evolveEA we understand existing buildings represent the greatest:
  1.  Opportunity for investment and cost savings..our projects save our clients over $200,000 annually.
  2.  Potential to reduce environmental impact…we’ve reduced over 1.5 million kilowatt hours from our clients annual energy bills.
  3.  And are one of the largest markets for continued improvements.
We also know there’s a lot out there for building owners to consider. Third party certification options for existing building operations and environmental management range from the local(Class-G), to regional (SERF) and internationally recognized (LEED).
At evolveEA we work with our clients toward greener leaner buildings and apply the appropriate third party certification that fits. We collaborate with our clients toward common goals.

Take our free survey and begin your journey toward a greener building today.

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