East End Veterinary Medical Center Reception

East End Veterinary Medical Centre

Rarely does the art scene and the veterinary world coincide, so when we wanted to locate our new practice in Pittsburgh’s gallery enclave, Ellsworth Avenue, the juxtaposition seemed somewhat odd. This combination became the inspiration for the unorthodox space in our East End Veterinary Medical Centre.

How do you shape a veterinary office identity within an art’s district?

The public interface of the practice resembles an art gallery more than any typical waiting room, with large window for views in and out of the space. The practice’s art is complimented by pieces on loan from local galleries. Walk in traffic includes both animal lovers and art lovers!

“We came at it from the functional stand point and everyone who walks in says ‘This place is so cool!’ We got our function and everyone is so impressed!”
-Andrea Cagin, Owner

The walls are conceived as a folding plane and are painted shades of gray at each turn. The doors to the exam rooms are framed with a vertical panel making them part of the rhythm of the folding wall surface. Resin flooring wraps up a built-in bench surface, inviting pets up to join their owners who sit on more conventional “people seats.”

How do you build a stronger relationship between people & pets?

At the heart of any veterinary practice is the interaction between people and their pets. Great emphasis was given to design that enables people and animals to share a similar quality of experience.
Treatment rooms were considered to be the core of the interaction between the medical staff, the pet owners and the animals. The arrangement of essentials elements like pet-friendly seating, the exam table and the computer were organized to facilitate communication and patient peace of mind.

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