Eastside Retail Redevelopment

A progressive developer engaged evolveEA to assist with greening several buildings in the Eastside retail development in Pittsburgh’s underdeveloped East Liberty neighborhood. evolveEA managed the LEED for Core and Shell certification process and advised the developer and design team about the implementation of various greening strategies to increase the overall project value.
While locating a retail project in an economically disadvantaged urban environment is inherently green, our involvement advanced ideas for The Mosites Company to consider and evaluate about progressively greener strategies. The completed buildings have significant sustainable features and our involvement resulted in a LEED Gold certification, surpassing the initial project goals.

In creating a state-of-the-art urban infill retail campus, The Mosites Company considered sustainable strategies throughout the design process. Their progressive attitude gave the evolveEA team opportunities to explore different systems and technologies.
evolveEA encouraged The Mosites Company to use energy modeling to analyze and visualize the building systems. After the analysis, the study identified an unnecessary HVAC, which had been specified by a major retail tenant’s strict building requirements. This represented a significant cost savings. Through the facilitation of commissioning, potential problems were identified and rectified prior to building turnover.
Not wanting a sterile mall look, The Mosites Company requested plantings on the site, even though the buildings and parking areas had multiple levels and solid concrete decks. These “fields” of cement would have channeled rainwater into the storm/sewer system. evolveEA advocated for a rainwater catchment basin under the site. Rainwater is now routinely pumped from the basin into a cart that physically irrigates the plantings. This design both mitigates stormwater runoff and saves money on irrigation.
In order to educate current and future site users and tenants, evolveEA wrote a handbook of tenant guidelines informing and summarizing how the building design supports a healthy environment; how the building saves water, energy and resources; and what tenants can do to synergize these efforts. For instance, if employees bicycle to work, washing facilities are available.

Evolve EA