Breen Masciotra, Senior Project Manager at evolveEA

Breen Masciotra
AICP, EcoDistricts AP

Breen is a creative professional whose passion lies at the intersection of transportation and land use. She practices a collaborative approach to managing teams and projects, with a focus on equity. As a Senior Project Manager at evolveEA, she works closely with clients and partners to advance quality of life and environmental sustainability across a broad diversity of planning, design, and consulting projects. Breen’s background as an urban planner and transportation specialist includes leadership in community development, transit-oriented communities, and public policy. This informs her current work on community development and mobility projects such as planning improvements to public transit networks and station areas and assessing the quality and accessibility of Lancaster Pennsylvania’s urban park system.

Prior to joining evolveEA, Breen worked with Manchester Citizens Corporation and the City of Pittsburgh on an application to the federal Reconnecting Communities Pilot grant program, resulting in the award of $1.4M to determine how the Manchester and Chateau neighborhoods can be reconnected after decades of being divided by a state highway. Breen’s educational background includes a graduate degree in Public Administration from the University of Pittsburgh, as well as an undergraduate degree in Architecture from Washington University in St. Louis. She is a longtime member of the National Steering Committee for MPACT, a catalyst for building more livable communities through better transit and land use planning. Breen is also accredited by the American Institute of Certified Planners and the EcoDistricts AP program.

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