Beatrice Periwinkle

Beatrice Periwinkle is passionate about our environment and all living things within it. As CAT at evolveEA (Chief of Animal Team), Beatrice brings a down to earth perspective to evolveEA’s projects, likely due to her close proximity to the ground. As evolveEA’s first feline employee, Beatrice is not new to pushing the envelope, and has pushed all sorts of items off of tabletops during her tenure at evolve. She is a strong advocate for daylit spaces, and will find every opportunity to enjoy a good spot in the sun. She is actively involved in regional air quality activism due to her struggle with feline asthma. Beatrice is very passionate about the sciences and is currently writing a white paper on (ball of) string theory.
Beatrice joined the evolveEA team after a year-long paws to reconnect with nature. While her work experience is a bit fuzzy, Beatrice can always be relied upon to meow mix up our thinking and approach to pawjects in new and creative ways. While she enjoys playing in boxes, she is very good at thinking outside of them. While her work ethic may not be purrfect, she brightens a room when she’s kitten around.

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