Anna Rosenblum, LEED AP, evolveEA

Anna Rosenblum, LEED AP,
EcoDistricts AP, LFA

Anna thrives in the space where creativity in design, stakeholder engagement, and technical precision converge. As senior project manager at evolveEA, her contributions to design and consulting projects have drawn from her diverse skill set and thorough knowledge, developed through a remarkable mix of project experience and academic research. Anna’s design work, while grounded in the practical application of sustainability principles and best practices, employs a creative approach to imagining a variety of possible futures for built environments. Anna brings a holistic perspective to evolveEA’s WELL and LEED consulting, as well as technical knowledge of sustainable operating systems. Her work specializes in sustainability consulting for existing buildings, stakeholder engagement design and urban design, including high-performing communities such as Ecodistricts.

Several projects for which Anna served as project manager have won planning and design awards, such as the Millvale Pivot Ecodistrict Plan and Hill District Centre Avenue Corridor Redevelopment Plan. Anna has facilitated workshops and presented about her work at the Greenbuild International Conference, EcoDistricts Summit and annual conference of the International Living Futures Institute. Anna earned her Master of Science in Sustainable Design from Carnegie Mellon University, where her thesis focused on community strategies for sustainability. Anna also has a Bachelor of Architecture from Carnegie Mellon, is a LEED Accredited Professional, is certified in building performance benchmarking, is SEED Accredited (Social, Economic, and Environmental Design), is Living Futures Accredited (ILFI), and is also an EcoDistricts Accredited Professional.

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