evolveEA Receives AIA Pittsburgh’s Honor Award in Urban Design

October 28, 2011

Praising our Living City Masterplan project, AIA Pittsburgh presented evolveEA with an Urban Design Honor Award at its 2011 Design Pittsburgh Gala. While the masterplan addresses issues that many post-industrial communities are facing, direct community engagement helped us shape the plan in ways that build upon the local culture and uniqueness of the Larimer and Homewood neighborhoods. In collaboration with each community, evolveEA articulated an ecodistrict design method where energy independence, net zero water use, and localized food economies create a new vision for more resilient neighborhoods that attract and sustain development.
The  project outlines an inspiring combination of innovative ideas and practical steps along a timeline to measure progress. The recognition from AIA demonstrates the value that strategic urban planning can offer to communities and cities nationwide. Most of the principles outlined in our plan can be applied in communities everywhere; evolveEA is helping them imagine their potential and fulfill it with practical short- and long-term goals.

Evolve EA