David Jianxiao Ge, Designer at evolveEA

Jianxiao Ge

Over the past decade, Jianxiao (David) witnessed rapid urbanization in his hometown of Hangzhou, China. He believes that the duty of urban designers is not only to design spaces but to build frameworks and systems for people to practice & continually improve through public engagement. David believes that these urban frameworks serve as the best medium to activate regional development. With a background in both landscape architecture and urban design, developed in China, Taiwan, and the U.S., Jianxiao frequently works across disciplines in diverse teams and brings a detail-oriented & graphically compelling approach to evolveEA’s planning and placemaking work. Jianxiao also contributes to urban system analysis and LEED certifications with skills in mapping & data visualization.

David has worked with communities including Sharpsburg and Etna boroughs to help develop their EcoDistrict plan and visualize the components of neighborhood identity development. As a data visualization research assistant for the Remaking Cities Institute, Jianxiao helped develop a new urban design workflow in the Baum-Centre Corridor project, including ArcGIS Pro, Story Maps, CityEngine, and virtual reality for the Pittsburgh Department of City Planning. He served as the head of promotions of the 2017 Taiwan Landscape Architecture Thesis Exhibition and volunteers for initiatives like Open Streets PGH. Jianxiao received a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from Taiwan Tunghai University and a Master of Urban Design from Carnegie Mellon University.

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